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BMG Flooring & Tile Center

Color Variations

Armstrong Caliber New Slate Mesa Stone 21745051
Mesa Stone
Armstrong Caliber Grouted Ceramic Pumice 21750051
Armstrong Caliber Celestite II Cream Dust 21760051
Cream Dust
Armstrong Caliber Multistone Clay 21737051
Armstrong Caliber Gothic Stone II Mineral Beige 21741051
Mineral Beige
Armstrong Caliber Walnut Hill Sand 21730051
Armstrong Caliber Multistone Warm Gray 21735051
Warm Gray
Armstrong Caliber Multistone Sand 21736051
Armstrong Caliber Columbia Court White Taupe 21640051
White Taupe
Armstrong Caliber Columbia Court White Taupe 21640051


White Taupe

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Product Attributes

Collection Caliber
Color White Taupe
Construction ToughGuard MasterWorks Printed (Rotogravure)
Shade Mid Neutral
Shape Tile
Width 0.000"
Length 0.000"
Location All Grades
Backing None
Look Stones & Naturals
Installation Method Self-Stick