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Daltile Endeavors Neo Classic Bld NDVRS_F164_12X12_RM


Neo Classic Bld

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  • Colors Available
Daltile Endeavors Neo Classic Bld NDVRS_F164_12X12_RM
Neo Classic Bld
Daltile Endeavors Spirit Blend NDVRS_F159_12X12_RM
Spirit Blend
Daltile Endeavors Sitar Blend NDVRS_F160_12X12_RM
Sitar Blend
Daltile Endeavors Mystic Blend NDVRS_F161_12X12_RM
Mystic Blend
Daltile Endeavors Zen Blend NDVRS_F162_12X12_RM
Zen Blend
Daltile Endeavors Avant Garde Bld NDVRS_F163_12X12_RM
Avant Garde Bld
Daltile Endeavors Tambura Bland NDVRS_F157_12X12_RM
Tambura Bland
Daltile Endeavors Meditation Blnd NDVRS_F158_12X12_RM
Meditation Blnd

Product Attributes

ColorNeo Classic Bld
ApplicationResidential and commercial
DescriptionBeautiful blends in linear mosaics define the Endeavors series. Backsplashes and feature walls make a statements when covered with this contemporary look. 5/8 inch random mosaic comes on sheets that allow for easy, interlocking installation.
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