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Carpet Care & Maintenance

Your carpet is more than a flooring solution. It's an investment for your home! To keep it looking and feeling its best, you should establish a daily care routine. Start by removing shoes before walking across your carpet and use a quality carpet pad for additional support. And, of course, you'll want to vacuum your carpet frequently with a manufacturer-approved appliance (read on to learn more about this).

Vacuum cleaning tips for our Shaw Floors carpets | BMG Flooring & Tile Center
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Professional Cleanings

We recommend the occasional professional carpet cleaning or an at-home shampoo. Regardless of what kind of care and maintenance routine you establish for yourself, make sure you’re following the recommendations of your carpet manufacturer.

Dealing With Stains And Spills

No matter how careful you are, you'll occasionally come across a stain or a spill on your carpet. Fortunately, many of our carpets are designed with stain-resistant technology, making cleanup a breeze. Still, there are a few things to keep in mind when dealing with spills. 

First, establish whether it's a water- or an oil-based stain. Some messes will wipe away with a clean cloth; others will require a more comprehensive approach. Consult with our common stain removal guide if you're unsure. 

pet carpet stain
wine stain

Looking for additional information on carpet care and maintenance? Browse through some handy guides below!

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Schedule An Appointment

Scheduling an in-store appointment with one of our qualified design professionals saves you both time and money. Get a free quote along with measurements to help get your project started.

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Our Location

BMG Flooring & Tile Center is proud to serve the residents of Greenville, SC and beyond! Visit our showroom today and see the amazing products we offer while learning about who we are.

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Financing Options

As you consider the flooring that fits your lifestyle, take advantage of our special financing offers, subject to approved credit. This will give you buying power and convenient payment options so you can purchase the floor of your dreams.

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