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Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is the perfect substitute for hardwood, stone, and ceramic tile. With laminate, you get the visual appeal of any of these options, but you'll find it's much easier to maintain—and it's more affordable, too! Like hardwood, laminate comes in a variety of grains and finishes. And, of course, it can also perfectly imitate natural stone and ceramic tiles. At BMG Flooring & Tile Center in Greenville, South Carolina, we offer a wide selection from top brands in the industry. Come experience the difference.

Laminate floors are the perfect substitute for hardwood floors | BMG Flooring & Tile Center
laminate floors with accurate finishing | BMG Flooring & Tile Center
Clean room with laminate floor | BMG Flooring & Tile Center

Need Some Inspiration?

See what's possible with laminate! Browse our laminate inspiration gallery to see wood looks, stone looks, and more!

laminate floor styles and pattern | BMG Flooring & Tile Center

White laminate floor | BMG Flooring & Tile Center

laminate floor brown | BMG Flooring & Tile Center

Simplicity at its finest

If you are looking for the beauty of hardwood with the simplicity of tile, then laminate flooring is the perfect option for you. BMG Flooring & Tile Center offers a wide range of laminate floors to choose from in various styles, textiles, and finishes that won't break the bank. As an added bonus, laminate flooring is easy to install. 

laminate Cleaning | BMG Flooring & Tile Center

Proper Care and Maintenance

While laminate is incredibly easy to maintain, it's still important to establish a proper care routine to keep it looking its best. Follow these simple care tips from the experts!

Professional Installation

Laminate is extremely easy to install because it does not require any adhesive or specialized tools. BMG Flooring & Tile Center will handle all aspects of your installation—from in-house measurements to the removal of your existing flooring. We use certified installers whose workmanship is guaranteed to last. Find out more about what to expect on the day of installation and how to prepare beforehand.

Steps taken while laminate installation | BMG Flooring & Tile Center

Tried, tested, and loved! We only stock the finest names in laminate flooring.

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