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Hardwood Care & Maintenance

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The beauty of hardwood is just about unmatched, with scuff-resistant technology that prolongs its beauty. However, to keep it looking its best for decades to come, you'll need to establish a daily care routine. 

Daily Care And Maintenance

We recommend using doormats in your home and removing shoes before walking across your hardwood flooring. We also recommend using floor protectors with all heavy furniture. Never drag furniture across your hardwood. 

Vacuum your hardwood frequently using a manufacturer-approved vacuum cleaner. Additionally, make sure you sweep and dry mop. Only use manufacturer-approved cleaning solutions on your flooring and hire professional floor cleaning companies to handle any deep cleans. 

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Dealing With Spills And Stains

No matter how careful you are, you'll encounter the occasional mess on your hardwood flooring. It's important to know how to address them as soon as you find them. 

Common spills, such as milk and pet accidents, can wipe away clean with a cloth. Tend to liquid spills immediately, as hardwood flooring is not water-resistant! For other stains such as wax or nail polish, consult your manufacturer's guidelines. 

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Additional Resources

Need some additional care tips for your hardwood flooring? Check out these handy articles on stain removal, daily care, and more!

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Scheduling an in-store appointment with one of our qualified design professionals saves you both time and money. Get a free quote along with measurements to help get your project started.

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As you consider the flooring that fits your lifestyle, take advantage of our special financing offers, subject to approved credit. This will give you buying power and convenient payment options so you can purchase the floor of your dreams.

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