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Mohawk Urban Square Fountain Oak WEK50-1

Urban Square

Fountain Oak

  • 5
  • Colors Available
Mohawk Urban Square Gala Oak WEK50-2
Gala Oak
Mohawk Urban Square Yellow Brick Oak WEK50-3
Yellow Brick Oak
Mohawk Urban Square Rigby Oak WEK50-4
Rigby Oak
Mohawk Urban Square Olmsted Oak WEK50-5
Olmsted Oak
Mohawk Urban Square Fountain Oak WEK50-1
Fountain Oak

Product Attributes

CollectionUrban Square
ColorFountain Oak
SpeciesEuropean White Oak
EdgeEased Edge
LengthRandom Length Up To 75 In
Thickness3/8 Inches
LookEuropean White Oak
Installation MethodGlue,Staple,Nail,Float
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